Little Jalo

Footmuff in softest lambskin - White

Footmuff in softest lambskin - White

3899 SEK
Little Jalo’s exclusive and luxury footmuff is handmade out of ecological lambskin, which means it is gentle on both the environment and on children’s skin. The nature of the skin allows it to retain heat during the winter but remain cool during the summer.

The footmuff can be used from birth and then continuously through the years as your child grows and is suitable for either lying or sitting positions in most prams. The cover is completely detachable, so it can be used as a nice footmuff and seat mat in the pram or as a soft pelt on the floor. When the child has grown out of the pram, it is perfect for use with the sled, at the skating rink or on an excursion.The lambskin is white and no chemicals or toxins are used in the production process. This foot muff will last you for a very long time and can be used by many children.

96 cm long and 46 cm wide (outer edges)

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