Little Jalo

About Us

Soft, luxurious products for the little ones.

Little Jalo is a Swedish producer of high-end children´s products.

The collection consists of top quality, soft and cosy products for your little ones and is produced with consideration for our natural environment and for the sensitive skin of your baby or toddler. And they last for a long, long time.

Marie Sammeli is the founder and creator of Little Jalo.
Marie was previously marketing manager at Junibacken, Astrid Lindgren’s fairy tale theme house on Djurgården in Stockholm, as well as project manager at Leo Burnett’s advertising agency, specializing in child and family products. 

For more than ten years she has managed her own business in fashion and marketing. 

Marie is the mother of four children and knows a lot about children’s products. When Marie had her first child, she received a pelt made out of lambskin as a present. The pelt lasted many years and is still being used by all the children. The advantage with the skin is that it can stay warm in the winter but remain cool in the summer, which means that it can be used the whole year round.

Marie needed a footmuff that had the same properties as lambskin, customized for the prams of today. It needed to be gentle on the baby’s skin, good for the environment and last but not least, look good. It also needed to be durable and to provide for many children. 

This is how Little Jalo started, inspired by, Jacob, Alexander, Lisa and Oscar.