Little Jalo

Soft, luxurious products for the little ones.

Our collection consists of exclusive, top quality, soft and cosy products for your little ones and is produced with consideration for our natural environment and for the sensitive skin of your baby or toddler. And they last for a long, long time.

Little Jalo's fashionable baby clothes are worn by babies and toddlers from all over the world.

Our products are trendy, fashionable, unique and all made by hand.

Little Jalo loves baby fashion

We are very passionate about what we do. Mainly because our products are worn by the most important people in the world – our children. To make sure that everything we do is made to perfection all our products are handmade from organic materials. Footmuffs, baby booties, hats, gloves and every other product is carefully tested to guarantee a comfortable and safe product.

As we mentioned earlier we love baby fashion and with that comes a great responsibility. We want to make sure that our whole collection of fashionable baby clothes is made with care, both for children and babies who wear them and for the environment.

By using healthy organic materials for our baby clothes we can contribute to a better world and at the same time offer a great product. We neatly pick the very best organic materials to produce our collection of exclusive baby fashion. Whether it is high quality cashmere or soft lambskin we make sure that we work with the best materials available.

In short Little Jalo is about thoughtfulness – for our babies and for the environment.

Swedish quality and design

Little Jalo was founded by Marie Sammeli, a caring mother of four and a devoted designer. And it all began with a footmuff, or actually the lack of one. Marie couldn’t find a footmuff that met her standards – so she made one herself. She soon found out that this was something other parents craved to, so she made more. Soon enough she had a whole collection of baby fashion and Little Jalo was born.

She has always stayed true to her high standards – producing quality baby fashion good enough for her own children. No matter if it is a footmuff or baby booties a Little Jalo product should always be durable, sensitive and environmental friendly.

Little Jalo strives to make the world a better place. One way is to only work with organic materials, another is our collaboration with Gogo Olive. By selling their knitted animals we try to help unemployed women in Zimbabwe. For each animal sold you will support the woman who made it.

This is the story of Little Jalo, inspired by Marie’s most precious belongings Jacob, Alexander, Lisa and Oscar.

World of Little Jalo

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